Although Wacky Dracky's exact age is not know for certain, what is know is that he was voted best magician (living or dead) by the Royal Carpatian Society of Conjurors in 1727, 1840 and again in 1975.

WD's first appearance in the United States was in 1986 at Six Flags Great Adventure. There he presented his show TRICKS"N"TREATS for the Halloween season. The show ran until 1989. Then WACKY DRACKY'S SIDESHOW OF HORRORS ran from 1990 until 1992. Six Flags Moved Wacky into the 1,500 seat Showcase theatre to star in a grand illusion show titled THRILLER for Halloween 1993.
In 1994 Wacky D. materialized at Kansas City's  Worlds of Fun amusement park. Bringing with him his Broadway styled magic and dance extravaganza, SPOOKTACULAR. Joining the cast was his co-star from THRILLER, the always lovely and totally curvaceous, Morgan. SPOOKTACULAR played at the 1,500 seat Tivoli Music Hall for 15 years!
Not confining himself to the Amusement parks, Wacky Dracky has toured with SPOOKTACULAR at playhouses and dinner theatres. From time to time Wacky D. and SPOOKACULAR have appeared at national magic conventions, including Tannen's Jubilee and The Abbott's Get-To-Gether. Wacky has appeared on national television with Elvira on the RIcki Lake show, and with Talk show Host Gordon Elliot on the Fox Network.

Halloween evening of 2000 was spent at the posh Trump Plaza in Atlantic City for an invitation only Vampire's Ball.
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In 2002 Wacky Dracky appeared with a special show on Halloween night at Hong Kong's Ocean Park.  It was here that Wacky officially introduced his Spooktacular Magic Set, in partnership with China's largest manufactuer of magic toys, Eddy International Ltd.
In October of 2005 Wacky was honored with the cover of MAGIC. The international monthly publication for Magicians. 
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