Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Let's keep it a safe holiday as well.

I have made a list of safty tips for my younger fans who are going Trick or Treating this year.
13 Safety tips for Trick or Treaters
  1. Plan your route and share it with your family. If possible, have an adult go along.
  2. Trick or Treat in a group. Make sure your family knows who you are with.
  3. Establish a return time.
  4. Vist only neighborhoods you know.
  5. Only Trick or Treat at a house where the porch light is on.
  6. Never go into a house.
  7. Walk, don't run, on the sidewalks and not in the streets.
  8. Always cross the street at the corner and not between parked cars.
  9. Be sure to carry a flash light.
  10. Make sure your costume has some light colored material and add reflective tape.
  11. Masks can obstruct your vision. If you must wear a mask, have the eye holes cut larger. The safest thing to do is to use facepaint or Halloween
    makeup that meets the Federal standards for cosmetics.
  12. Be cautious of animals and strangers.
  13. Do not eat your treats until you return home and an your parents have inspected them.
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