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The entranceway to the Tivoli Music Hall at
Worlds of Fun in Kansas City
Inside view of the Tivoli stage with the dimentional graveyard set in place.
Hearse under construction in our prop shop in NJ.
Choreographer Carl Randolph rehearses the '98 cast, as the set goes up. There is only 1 week to stage the show each year.
Shopping for new illusions. Morgan tries out a the "Slicer" by Joe Fairchild (right) Watching is magician David Seebach (left) and our Producer John Bundy.
Lighting Designer Paul Arthur
is put on the HOT SEAT at the
annual Halloween Expo.
Morgan shops for skeletons at the
Halloween Expo held each year in
At an amusement park trade show, we ran into Philip Morris owner of Morris Costumes. Here, Morgan shows what a real cut up she is.
These are details from some of the scenic drops that were hand painted for Spooktacular. The names on the tombstones in the graveyard are of famous magicians who have passed on.
This bike can now be seen as part of the WOF Halloweeends' decor at Le Taxitour.
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The cast in 1995 with Morgan on her motorcycle.
Backstage Pass
Morgan waits back stage for
the curtain to go up.
Taken from the wings by Paul.